Don Goodwin

President & Owner, Golden Sun Marketing (US)

Don Goodwin is the owner and president of Golden Sun Marketing, which provides strategy, business development and marketing services to the fresh produce supply chain, from seed to retail. Don and his team are recognised for providing clients with pragmatic, real-world recommendations to capitalize on current trends.

Don has enjoyed a successful career of over 40 years, during which time he has gained a 360 degree view of the food industry; having experienced just about every aspect of the produce supply chain, from procurement to wholesale to marketing.

Don began his career as a graduate of Western Michigan University’s Food Distribution Program. Before founding Golden Sun Marketing, he led Target’s produce division with the roll-out of SuperTarget in 1998, and served as the chief operating officer of Green Giant Fresh, where he built retail and grower partnerships to expand the Green Giant brand.

Well-known for his strategic planning skills, Don has served board positions at two non-profit organizations, including as an Executive Committee member of The Produce For Better Health Foundation. He is currently a member of the Advisory Board for Titan Farms, the premier peach grower in eastern United States, and an Advisor for Verdant Partners, working on mergers and acquisitions in the fresh produce space.